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D60 H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Product Detail

Technical Specifications



Product name

Low temperature plasma hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

Product model


Product form

Manual door vertical

Heating method

Electric heating




AC220V, 50Hz


(Length × Width × Height): 750 × 630 × 1510mm

Liner size

(Length × Width × Height): 610 × 350 × 320mm



Effective Volume


Temperature display

LCD touch screen

Temperature during sterilization

50 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Select sterilizing agent

Hydrogen peroxide (H202)

Hydrogen peroxide sterilization concentration

60% ± 2

Sterilization time


Vacuum speed

pumped to 50pa in 5 minutes

Operation height


Material of Sterilization Chamber

The cavity structure is rectangular, which improves the space utilization rate; the cavity material is 5052 high-quality aluminum material, and the cavity thickness is ≥ 8mm.

Outer box material

ABS plastic

Electrode mesh material

aluminum alloy material 5052, sheet metal forming, thickness ≥ 2mm

Loading method

The upper and lower two layers of aluminum alloy punching plates are loaded with sterilized items, with large loading capacity and high space utilization rate.

Sealing door material

5052 aluminum alloy material, thickness ≥15mm

Door opening method

Manual right sliding door

Cavity temperature heating power

Preheating heating time ≤30min

Main body insulation

≥20mm sound-absorbing cotton.

Full automatic control system

LCD circuit touch screen display PLC circuit design, safe and reliable.


A micro-printer is used to print out the data every minute during the entire sterilization process, which can be permanently saved.


Use Siemens smart series PLC control system.

Display screen

A 7-inch color touch screen is used, and the communication rate is ≥ 19.2Kbps.

Display status

Temperature, pressure, time, cycle mode, process stage and alarm information, etc.

U disk storage function

Disk capacity ≥ 8G, capable of storing and recording ≥ 1 million original sterilization data.

Pressure Sensor

The built-in pressure sensor uses imported sensors.

Temperature Sensor

The built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is kept within the precise range of 50 ℃ ± 5 ℃.

Program system

There are two programs to strengthen circulation and rapid circulation.

Vacuum system

Use domestic Zhiping brand vacuum pump.

Evacuation Control Valve

Adopt high vacuum baffle solenoid valve to control the evacuation pipeline.

Oil mist filter

The product has an exhaust oil mist filter system.

Air filter

The filtration accuracy is less than or equal to 0.2μm.

Plasma power supply

Transistor controlled power supply, power ≤900W.

Hydrogen peroxide filling method

Self-priming injection type/ Cartridge filling method

Sterilization effect

A silicone hose with an inner diameter of 1mm and a length of 4 meters can achieve the sterilization effect.

Heating System

Adopt explosion-proof flame retardant heating system.

Various protection functions

With over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions.

D60 H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
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