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25V300RF Medical Refrigerator

Product Detail


-Height-adjustable shelf trays allow you to adjusts the inside of the chambers according to the size of the samples.

By changing the height of the shelf trays, the unit can accommodate various sizes of samples including stored in

your conventional models.

-Door latch with provision for a padlock hole for extra protection of samples.

-Equipped with separate doors that suppress the leakage of cold air during opening and closing of the doors, and

manual defrosting that helps avoid temperature impact on the samples.

-Freezer and refrigerator chamber with foaming solid door , high insulation design.

-The separate top and bottom doors suppress cold air leakage and 2 completely independent chambers each has

its own temperature control.


-To securely preserve/manage the valuable samples, in addition to a standard-feature door lock, a hole in the latch

allows a padlock to be attached.

-Security functions that help protect valuable samples with a temperature control capability that inhibits the change

in temperature inside the chamber, and an alarm/security function that prevents errors, the unit maintains the

quality of the preserved samples. Temperature recorder (optional)

-Front-mounted display/control panel located at convenient height for easy access

-Insulated door with gasket for sample protection and uniformity

-Alarm: High/low temperature ; Power failure; Sensor error; Temperature controller failure


-Two temperature control systems with double door construction

-Flexible and easy storage by height-adjustable shelf trays

-Maintains the quality of the samples during preservation

-2 completely independent chambers with their own temperature displays

Technical Data

-Capacity: R:198L F:102L

-Temperature range: F:-10℃-25℃  /  R:2℃8℃

-Ambient temperature: 10~32°C

-Controller: Microprocessor

-Display: Digital display

-Compressor: 2

-Refrigerant: R290

-Cooling type: Direct cooling

-Defrost type: Manual

-Power supply: 220V 50~60Hz; 115V 60Hz

-Rated power: 333W

-Electrical current: 2.12A


-Interior size (W*D*H): R:565*480*759mm / F:461*465*600mm

-Exterior size (W*D*H): 650×620×1980mm

-Package size (W*D*H): 775*920*1990mm

-NW/GW: 130/162 KGS

25V300RF Medical Refrigerator
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